Wendover Woods Walk

    The Otterhound Club had its inaugural walk on Sunday 7th August at Wendover Woods. The weather was perfect. Whilst it was hot, we were able to walk 80% of the time in the shade. It is a perfect location for dog walking and there are other activities there such as a ‘Go-Ape’ course. There is also an excellent café serving hot & cold food & drinks. You do have to pay for parking though. 

    Anyway, enough of the general chit chat and more info about the walk with the dogs. The humans were joined by 5 Otterhounds and 1 Border Terrier. It was decided to do the shorter course of about 2 – miles which was just over an hour. Most of the walk was on the flat and is it suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters. The Hounds had plenty to sniff and investigate along the route. Luckily, we encountered no squirrels that could be chased! All the dogs were well behaved when they encounter other dogs, and we were quite often stopped to ask what breed they were. As usual we had the suggestions of Spinone, Goldendoodle & Briard but when it was explained that they were Otterhounds and about their background people were amazed. Needless to say, the Otterhound Fan Club has increased. 

    After the walk we all retired to the café for drinks, water & treats for the dogs. Again, all were well behaved and displayed good manners! 

    We are hoping to do another walk probably at the end of November and we are thinking somewhere in the east of England maybe Cambridgeshire. We are happy to listen to any suggestions for locations for a good walk of about an hour. Ideally that is accessible for all and with a café. Thank you again those that joined us, and we look forward to meeting more Otterhound owners in the future. 

    Caroline Harris

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