My thanks to Officers and Committee for such a lovely day, we were blessed with perfect conditions.  At this time more than ever, our numerically small breed is at a crucial point.  I found it encouraging that breeders have seized the responsibility of widening the gene pool, when doing this it can be trial and error in the rate at which progress moves.  Today, as always, I judged the breed with the preservation of the Otterhound in mind and my placings reflected not particularly dogs which have been primed to be show dogs but those which have the depth of breed type and are fit for function.


    1.Farrington’s PCOH Trimmer,Masculine head of good balance, Ear leathers could be longer.Well developed front with good width.  Good ratio of height to length of body.  Moved with good extension.

    Spec.Working D/B (2,0)

    1.Griffiths’ PCOH Georgia, Lovely typy bitch, quality with well balanced head and good earset and length.  Well set neck into angulated shoulders.  Well boned with good sized feet.  Moved with typical style.

    2.Griffiths’ PCOH Quebec, mascilune head with strong muzzle.  Well developed ribs and depth of body.Not the strength of hindquarters of 1.


    1.Griffiths’ PCOH Talsarn, Masculine head of great type.  Strongly made front,well boned down to big feet.  Well sprung rib,in working condition.  Moved fairly well.


    1.Griffiths’ PCOH Seiclon, Really loved this hound for his type and construction. Masculine,balanced head with good eye shape. Long,rolled ear leather set correctly on skull. Strong neck into well shaped body. Good depth of brisket.Strongly, muscled hindquarters. Moved with typical gait, another in working condition, super texture to jacket. Res.CC

    2.Ganna & Atter’s Kingstree Weaver at Keepcott, totally different type but upstanding and masculine. Well proportioned,leathers need to drop.Strong neck, strong in body. Promising chap who just needs to grow in confidence.


    1.Lewis’Olphae Charman, Well matured hound with well proportioned typy head and very good  texture and length to leathers. Strong neck, good shoulder angulation with elbows well tucked in. Good depth of brisket and well ribbed back. Correct coat texture and density. Moved with good side gait.CC.

    2.Ganna’s Kingstree Warrior at Keepcott, different type and slightly broader in backskull. Upstanding hound, well balanced which showed in his movement. Slightly steeper in front than 1 but overall well developed and collected in profile movement.


    1.Salt.Stringer.Lerego’s Teckelgarth Dreadnought, Tall, upstanding, well proportioned head. A little step in shoulder, well shaped body carrying a fair bit of weight. Well muscled hindquarters, tail carriage high enough. Moved with reasonable width.


    1.Eagles’ Ch.Kingstree Vanguard, an old favourite of mine.  Stands out for type and breed characteristics. Lovely headpiece,super leathers with good roll. Typical jacket, well balanced. A great grumpy old chap!

    2.PCOH Gloria, classic head with great working jacket. Lovely lines with strong,correct legs and feet.

    Not as positive in movement as 1.

    3.Brotchie’s Keepcott Heather.

    PB(3,0) Three very promising puppies.

    1.Finch’s Conestoga and Crossroads English Dream at Otterslade (IMP)Well presented,excellent head properties, lovely ear carriage. Well sized with good substance and overall balance.Has her height and just needs to mature on into adulthood and drop in body. Coat of good texture still to develop. Moved freely with correct width to hindquarters. BPIS.

    2.Shaw’s Ottaryx Rascal, typy, well grown with much to like about her, very similar in litter sister who was third but she was more collected today and had a better developed jacket. Balanced head with good ear roll and big nose. Moved nicely. Would like bigger foot.

    3.Porter & Follett’s Ottaryx Reckless.


    1.Porter’s Ironquest’s First in All Things At Ottaryx (IMP) Classic bitch of super quality. So typy with lovely head and expression, long, rolled leather set beautifully on her skull. Strong neck into well angulated front. Balanced front and back with typical movement. So like many of the early bitch hounds that came from the packs, lovely. CC & BIS.

    2.Lewis’ Olphae Orlaith, Slightly taller, very nice typy head with good earset and leather roll. Strong bone substance down to the ground. Well matured body with plenty of spring of rib. Moved well.

    3.PCOH Molly


    1.Seager’s PCOH Molly,3rd in JB. Feminine head with good ear roll. Lighter in build than I prefer but has well matured body with good spring of rib and nice rise over loin. Moved well in profile,not density of jacket.

    2.Griffiths’ PCOH Tegfan, Sadly taking to the stage isn’t her forte, difficult to assess but good type and overall shape.


    1.Porter’s Ottaryx Quinevere, Lovely bitch of quality, good size and substance. Classic head properties with clean skull and strong foreface. Typically earset and roll. Strong body, Moved with strength and free stride. Res.CC

    2.Griffiths’ PCOH Georgia.

    3.Ashworth & Atter’s Kingstree Willing.


    1.Lerego & Scott’s Teckelgarth Zsa Zsa,very typy bitch with excellent natural coat.Feminine head with good balance and clean backskull. Well placed leathers,strong,well muscled neck.Slightly steep in shoulder. Well bodied with good ribbing carried well back. Balanced hindquarters.


    Pam Marston-Pollock

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